History of the Department


The Department of Business Administration started in 1966 with just 10 students pursuing the undergraduate degree programs in Business administration, with the first set of students graduating in 1970. It is located at the Kongo Campus of the University and was one of the four academic departments of the Faculty of Administration. Three other departments including Actuarial Sciences, Banking and Finance and Marketing were created from the department, which altogether form the current faculty ABU Business School together with the Departments of Accounting, Business Administration and Economics.

The Department of Business Administration has transformed from the modest beginning of only 10 students into the largest and most extensive of all academic Departments in the University in terms of staff and students’ population, number of programmes and courses. Currently, it offers a 4-year degree programme leading to the award of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. The Department also runs the Masters of Business Administration and Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) both on Part-Time, as well as M.Sc. Bus. Admin., MPhil Bus. Admin. and a Ph.D. Programme in Business Administration on Full-Time basis.

Since its inception to date, the Department has produced large number of graduates for the economy particularly in the area of Management, some of whom are today occupying very important and strategic management positions in both the public and private sectors of the economy in Nigeria and beyond. Academic Programmes ultimately gain their validity and relevance only to the extent they are responsive to and address problems of the society, thereby enhancing the quality of life and general well-being of society. The legitimacy of academic programmes lies in their ability to meet the needs and aspiration of the environment.

The Nigerian economy in particular and the global economic system in general have undergone series of significant changes which have created new trends, various developments, new need and dramatic changes in all economic, educational, technological and social needs. Therefore, in the quest for validity, relevance, efficiency, ability, and capacity to meet the challenges of the 21st century, it has become imperative for the Department of Business Administration to strategically reposition itself.

Mission Statement

To provide high quality graduates capable of meeting Academic and Professional challenges, providing services to the Nation through I.T - driven learning and research that meet the demands of 21 st Century Businesses.

Goal Statement

To be number one Department for Business studies in Nigeria that is very resourceful, self-reliant and highly dynamic with corporate outlook that would serve as research Centre for Nigerian business environment and beyond.

Programme Philosophy

A department that is self-reliant, highly dynamic with a corporate outlook that serves as a world- class resource centre for the Nigerian Business Environment and beyond.